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the eternal question. Copying vs. inspiration [19 Nov 2006|01:28am]

Friends. I find myself troubled tonight.

these were not made by me. they are made by someone else....someone who weeks ago bought a eurotrash kitty helmet from me.  first i saw the cotton ones, and was like 'hmm, striking similarities...but whatever.' but now that i see the woolly ones...i have to admit.  i'm not exactly...thrilled, and entirely pleased with this. lets discuss.  feedback? what would you do?
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Seller using my pics on ebay [13 Nov 2006|12:05pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

The seller, wimorn, has been using my pictures in their auctions since at least the end of October. (The pics are from the blythe archive page - copyrighted by Takara - I have a disclaimer, and there was an auction for a Candy Carnival, and they pinched a picture of my Genie from My Blythes page).
I sent them an email on the 4th of November, asking them to basically cease and decist. I get a reply saying they will action this on the 24th of November (almost 3 weeks from the email I sent them!!!) and not use any more in the meantime. They have since listed more auctions using my pictures. I've sent them another email today, still waiting on a response.

I tried reporting to ebay, but I'm going round in circles with them.

(Very frustrated and annoyed am I!)

Just a heads up.

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PM woes? [24 Sep 2006|12:18am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I think I want to let you people know, that email address is more durable than a forum.
As many know TIB have been down for days now. So this brought me to think a little.

I think it is better if you're going to do important transactions, for example selling or buying it is recommended that you're using email address instead for TIB pm. You have better control of emails than pms (ok, not PMS! :D). You can save it forever, you can better trace the people, and foremost, it is way more reliable. Pms at forums have a tendecy to disappear without reason, and sometimes not even reaching the receiver. And some might not check the forum for weeks and it would be bad if the notify system is not functioning. (like at tib!)

Ok, just me thinking a little bit. :)

Oh yes, I know some are afraid of giving their email address. By then I would suggest you to use a separate email address if you're afraid of getting junk emails. By then it is not your main email address. And why would you be afraid of giving email address to someone you want to do a transaction with, yes? ;)

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Questions about wefting [25 Jul 2006|10:27pm]

How many of you have wefted dolls? I'd love to see pictures of part lines, etc...crowns of the heads that sort of thing. I'd love to hear from owners of wefted dolls and how they would compare them to a plug by plug rerooted girl!
I keep seeing more and more, so my curiosity is aroused. I realise that alot of wefting can be curled etc...with a curling iron that sort of thing, but i'm still more concerned with how the scalp lookes, etc..not the hair..I'm sure the quality of the materials is wonderful...but the final result is what I'm interested in..and how can you style different hairdo's...like sidepart vs. centerpart, ponytails, etc.etc...can you REALLY do the same things with weft as you can do with a rooted girl? Input anyone?
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????... maybe it's a re-listing but better be informed... [19 Jun 2006|09:48am]

[ mood | confused ]

I was watching this auction:

but the girl didn't look new to me at all... so I checked on my history on the sniping service I'm using (without any success I must add ;)) and there she was:

same seller, same pics...
I'm now wondering, if she was sold a month ago for 730$ why is she listed again?
I asked the seller if this is a re-list and what happened with the previous buyer... I'll let you know as soon as I get an answer (if I ever get it)
In the meantime be very aware!

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Counterfit products at swedish auction site [24 Nov 2005|04:22pm]

I just found this person selling lots of Blythe-bags at a swedish auction site. He says they are authentic, but I see pictures on those bags that I'm pretty sure are stolen. Anyway, I'm thinking of reporting this person. I know it's impossible to stop all things like this, but sweden has pretty good laws when it comes to selling counterfit products and stealing photos, and I think it's basically wrong that someone claims to only sell authentic stuff when it is clearly it's not. At least some of them must be counterfit. Now I wonder, whose pictures are those?

Here's a bunch of the bagsCollapse )
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[22 Oct 2005|11:44pm]

As you may or may not know, here at piyomessenger, we are the sister community of bad_dolly_deals. For information on what is okay and a no-no to post, please check the user info.

But I did want to post this message, thanks Lisa for the wording ;)

Reading through some of the last few posts here, it looks like several people have been scammed in the past, and are just now speaking up.

If anyone was ripped off, or scammed before I started BDD/PM, don't be shy, or afraid to post about something that has happened in the past. We want to know. We need to know.

Even though I hate seeing a new post here, (because it means that someone has had a bad dolly deal), I'd rather know, then not know, and I am sure that just about everyone feels the same way.

We need to know who the bad sellers are out there. We need to know their tricks. We need to be reminded that they are out there, and what we can do to avoid them.

Thank you, Lisa, Anni and Amanda

E-mail me (annimoos2003@yahoo.co.uk) and I can post it for you if you don't have Live Journal...

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